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Skeptical Baby by spike83
by spike83

I loved it and as for originality.....what would you have the baby do...wear a baseball cap so people would think it was original???? T...

Activity not a matter of life and death.......

It's FAR more important than that!! :laughing:
I've spent a good bit of time waking up at 2:am and 5:am in the morning to watch the Americans battle the Europeans in the golf outing called the RYDER CUP this week-end that happens every two years.
I'm so thrilled to see this kind of competition today among some of the worlds best players in any professional sport.

I saw men of character again, with no swear words or tattooed covered bodies with non-stop filthy language as each one trash talks about killing the other man. Instead I saw dignity in human beings in spite of losing, and not one person making excuses or shifting blame toward anyone.

The intensity and anxiety was  beyond what normal human beings will ever feel, as each mans effort and outcome will be etched in the record books for his country and the world to see a hundred years from now, and still civility, manners and class were the order of business, and as for me, I'm so proud of every single one of them.
I thought to myself that they're those that WATCH the world go by, and those that act and MAKE it go by, and I regret now not being part of the latter as much as I could have. These guys make things happen, and yet at the same time give all of us a decent role model today in a world of sports that haven't very many left.
Who wins and who loses, has little meaning to me, for they all win in even'ts like this that show men can climb to a higher level than throwing stones at each other or brutalizing each other physically before many of them are sent off to jail or court rooms all over the country, so I for one loved it.

In the end it seems to me, God will have little interest in who won, and cares nothing for the victorious countries involved, but might be proud of the conduct and character of those that played the game this week-end. Somehow my faith in humanity gets raised up a notch or two seeing what human beings can be, rather than what we usual see or read about, and I'm thankful to have been apart of that.
Congratulations Europe....well done!
I realize of course that most people idolize some fool that can jam a basketball in a hoop because he's 7 foot tall, or worship a drugged up rock star simply because they wrote some tune people related to. We all have our reasons, but my list is far different from most peoples and I'll give you the reasons why as well.

My Grandmother Muir..........because not once did she ever stop loving me or give up on a kid that was badly broken.

MY Grandmother Singer...... that always helped me and thought nothing but kind things about me.

Gandhi.......A man that changed a nation and a world, fighting against the odds and never lifted a hand with violence in mind.

Mother Teresa.........Loved people so much she got filthy dirty helping those others wouldn't touch. Wouldn't even eat when traveling the world as she never wanted to forget what it felt like to be hungry like those she treated.

Arnold Palmer...........Not for the golf at all, but how someone can be so loved by the world and never do anything to be ashamed of in 85 years of public life is incredible to me. Perhaps the most respected man in sports and Still a BILLIONAIRE and third on the all-time money list of all athletes in the world, as he simply CAN'T STOP the flow of money to him just because of the character he has and the ability to show love and respect for others. God I wish I had a fraction of that ability for people to admire your courage and effort and just being liked....what a fantastic gift that I don't seem to have much of though I do try.
Gives all the credit for all his success to his parents, wife and God and takes very little for himself. If I could be like any man in all of life....I would choose Mr. Palmer without a second thought and I'm proud of being just a little like him today and I too try hard to leave this world better off than when I got here. God bless this man. The highest quality, regular guy I ever knew.

President Carter....... An average president I guess, but lives a life totally committed to the poor and building free homes as he lives in a modest house himself and cares nothing for money, while traveling the world spreading peace.
Nelson Mandela......Spent 31 years in prison and after he's freed, spent the rest of his life helping his people and those that imprisoned him, with no hate for his oppressors.

Jesus..........Changed an entire world forever, by simply talking, and living a life of faith, love and kindness.

Bobby Jones..... A man that cared little about money even as they threw tons of it at him to change, and became a legend in golf doing the right thing all his life. One of the most honorable men in public life. Someone that no one says anything bad about.

Ron Howard........From "Opie" on the "Andy Griffin Show" to perhaps the best director in Hollywood with tons of awards, while all the time married to the same woman and has the reputation of being the nicest guy in the world is something I wish I had the secret to. It's hard enough to be nice to the check-out person at the grocery store that can't make change correctly yet or even speak English anymore much less 100's of people you work with. I wish I had the understanding he does.

Warren Buffet........ takes 15 BILLION dollars from his checking account and gives it to charity, while he spends the rest of his life encouraging other rich people to do the same.

Walt Disney........... However was it possible for me to forget one of my biggest hero's in life and that's Mr. Disney himself. A man that did nothing in life but make people happy and leaves behind an almost real world of happiness for generations to come through his parks. Without a doubt my favorite place in the world still, after all these years. Thank-you Walt for everything.

These are some of the human beings I look up to because I guess each one has the qualities I wish I had or would do better with. Someone hurts me and my inclination is to want to hurt them back even though I do fairly well at controlling that, none-the-less I still have those feelings inside. As for living in filth and squalor with nothing but the poorest of the poor; that's beyond a challenge for's impossible. Living lives of substance and yet seeing the futility and deception of money for themselves is something all these people see clearly and showing love for others no matter what their station in life is a virtue I wish I had, instead of admiring it in others.

My life isn't quite over yet, so I have a little time to get better at these things, but somehow I sense I'll never be anything like the people here that have set a standard I think I'm incapable of.
All I can do is try and each day see myself in this roll and hope to rid myself of some of the selfishness and hatred this world seems to love these days. 
In the final analysis......we take nothing with us when we leave this planet, save the love we have for others and the love we got from them. That little FREE thing about "love" that we can all afford to do, is so rare, that when another person does show it, they become a hero or legend in life. I wish I had more of what they had. I'm NOT a great man at all, but could have lived a great life, and wonder why it never occurred to me until so many of my years have passed me by. This trash we've been brainwashed about in spending all our lives making money for someone else as they get filthy rich and we then are allowed to scrap up the leftover crumbs is difficult to finally see through that lie, and then break away from it for most of us is almost impossible. Funny thing though because those that do break away, not only become hero's but also fabulously rich in the process.
I wish you all love peace and kindness~
If anyone is lonely or depressed or just needs some support or perhaps has a question about almost anything, let me know.
I love helping others and especially if your at a low time in your life and just need a hand.
I'm good at listening and good with developing a plan to make things right also.
Let me know if I can help.
Don't ever give up, because sometimes it feels like there's No answers or no one cares, but really....there are many things that we may not have thought of or know, so never, ever give up.....never give in.

“Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering '"I will try again tomorrow....." not a matter of life and death.......

It's FAR more important than that!! :laughing:


dennis law
United States
Dear God.....
So far today, I've done all right. I haven't gossiped, lost my temper, been greedy or grumpy, selfish, or over indulgent.....I've not punched anyone in the face or screamed at them or called them obscene names........... but........ in a few minutes, I'm going to get out of bed, and from then on, I'm probably going to need a lot more help.


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MissMinion Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Student General Artist
Tag a quality deviant, You’re it! Quality doesn't mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 10 deviants who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them!
Pokemon1ranger1Airt Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I just want to say thank you. For what you said. You're absolutely right.
arteater1 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
You're welcome!!
Whistle-Trill Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Sireynia Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello friend,
How are you doing lately?

I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you, but I didn't even make it to school for more than two days after the holiday before I got sick, and I've been ever since...

All my inboxes and school work has piled up sky high.

I just wanted to know how you are?
I'm sorry, I never meant to let you down
arteater1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
YOU do kinda let me down as if everything in the world is far more important than I am, is what it's been like for all the time I've known you. That kind of thing is never pleasant for any of us of course, but I get it. Life takes up all our time today and we never have enough of it, it seems but the difference between you and I is this I think.
My priority is my friends and people and animals. My classes and things and even work I do fast so I can make time for my friends and animals and helping others not neglect them.
I just manage my time perhaps better than most people is my thoughts but who knows.
No hard feelings as I'm used to it by now, so don't worry.
Sireynia Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I know I do, even though how much I try I can't keep everyone happy...
Maybe that's why I always feel like I'm not getting anything done in my life, it's just failure on failure. Whenever someone is happy someone else is unhappy, and those whose day I've made, will be sad the next day...

What does actually mean something? My failure in trying to make people's day? Or when I just sit for myself an afternoon and enjoy doing some creative stuff?
For the time right now, none of it... some times it's making people happy, other times it's doing creative stuff.. How can I know how to prioritize? Should I not care about how I feel and just try to make people happy?
I don't understand
arteater1 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
YOU must ask yourself this one good question please.

Who among us has the most time in life....the rich...the student...the artist....the actor or writer or the inventor or the housewife??

The answer is really easy......we ALL have the same amount of 24 hours in a day! No one has any more or less. Yet it's amazing how some people never seem to have time for anything, while others have the exact same 24 hours and CHANGE the entire world!!

Bill Gates had 24 hours a day and so did Steve Jobs as well as Leonardo Devinci or Albert Einstein and on it goes that all of us have the same clock, we have to pay attention to. I can't see how anyone could not agree with this. And as a YOUNG person with no house or car or kids or job or any of that you should have no trouble dealing with many friends or helping a few people along the way while doing some school work at the same time.......PLUS NOT feeling too stressed out about it.
Now what I just said is that the blame MUST be on your door-step, as the rest of us get so much done with the same 24 hours that you have just like us. The answer lies in only two areas it seems to me and that's you may not be a good manager of time or the inside of your head is spending FAR too much time being depressed or thinking about how you think you fail everyone rather than JUST getting to work and doing your best.

Let's take ME for a perfect example and your part in this. I HAVE NEVER said a word about anything you did that was a reasonable time frame, but with you I can write a note and you won't answer it some times for a MONTH or longer so we're NOT talking about a few hours or couple of days that no one would complain about, but when it comes to weeks and months....yes some of us interpret that as you just don't care. The president of the U.S. isn't so busy he can't dash off a letter sooner that a month or more and for the and I do NOTHING compared to the president and his duties.

I don't know why I still take my time to write about this because nothing changes as we've discussed this several times in the past. I personally believe most of your time is spent doing nothing as your frozen stiff from doing things because you worry about those things way too much and what OTHERS are thinking my dear. Do your best and make an honest effort and let them think what they will. We can't be liked by everyone as you must know by now. Those you can NEVER please must be left alone is the easy fix.
If I'm wrong here I apologize right now but what else can it be. I'm 10 times busier than you probably are and I always make time for my friends as you clearly see since I've known you. Do you think I don't have anything else I could be doing right now??? I hope you know the right answer to that, yet I MAKE the time to respect a friend and help when I can.

My schedule every day....
Up 6:30
take care of cats
clean some of house
shop groceries.
some kind of classes.
home bath and cook dinner
care for animals at shelter
internet and e-mails
prepare for next day with cloths and lists of to-do things.
Call friends and talk
Play an computer game to relax too
feed cats and relax with a movie or book and study some or homework.
Bed 11 PM

And all the doctors...emergencies....friends and banking and helping others is worked in along the way too. 

YOU can't give everyone all they want from you of course, but we can give a little of us to many people and they'll be fine with that. I don't know your friends but you say they're happy one day and not the next day, but if they expect your all everyday then it's their fault and not yours. I'm not sure I know many people that has that level of expectation but okay maybe your people are different. OR MAYBE what you think they EXPECT is false perhaps and all the real pressure and aggravation come from inside your brain.

IT MUST be like that because with at times take a month or more or way longer a few times before you write and then put the blame on me for the pressure to be a friend and write. I don't think anyone would think a month or two is actually being nice or kind or respectful to someone today in the age of instant communications so I don't see this as me being unreasonable.

I also think maybe 85% of all your time goes to your b/f but I could be wrong here as well, but you've mentioned before how you have to give him so much attention while real adults understand we all have things and others in our lives we don't want to shut out as well or leave out, and they don 't demand all of our time like a little baby does.

Also it seems you want to have one or another and not make a single decision. Why do you have to have one or another and can't do the art project for 10 hours and still have an hour or two for others like the rest of us do. I agree with you at times I want to be left alone and do some project like fix my computer or re-do my cell phone or do an art project and I do for one day maybe, and the next day I catch up with my friends. I'm honestly not sure why this is a problem for you but of course it is so I'm trying to help.

I do literately 100's of things everyday and have been like that for years and years. If it doesn't get done today, I'll catch it tomorrow is my approach.

I never forget family and friends and animals ever. This is what life is about to me so other things may not get done for a day or two but nothing gets left for weeks or months in my life.

Me explaining doesn't help as we've been through this a time or two already and nothing changes so I suggest you find a mentor and be a friend with them and see how they operate. Read a book on time management will open your eyes as well.

Good cheap one on…

Here's tons of videos from you-tube for college students and managing time as well that you may like.…

I made time to find two good sources for you here. I hope you like them. Kindle books can be viewed on your computer as well and YOU -tube everyone has I think.

Okay...I'm a bit down about this but both us us are just trying to make it in life and do the best we can. I KNOW for sure your a good person and not trying to be mean or hurt anyone, but I would say if you ever saw me at work or living my daily life you'd see things in a giantly different way I would think as I get done a TON of things every single day of my life always. I don't remember the last time I sit and relax during the day time in months or years. Maybe my effort is more than most others as well . who knows.

I wish you nothing but good things and kindness and hope you read this with kindness and not anger and find something of value in it I hope. If not hit the delete button and forget it.
all the best denn
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AleTheRat Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
Thank you so much for the watch and everything:hug:
arteater1 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
I'll write to you later tonight as I want to reply to what you said but I must go to work right now.
I see most all the countries of the world are in collapse and all of it is because of corrupt leadership and the thieves that steal everything they can from the people. I'm so surprised at how bad it is for you people but like always we live in near poverty while a tiny few live like kings and we do nothing about it.
I talk more later and may all blessings in life be yours. dennis~
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